MoM, You Matter Too!

Hi there fellow MoM! Can I tell you something? You matter too. I remember when I first became a MoM, all of a sudden there were some people who appeared to have forgotten my name. lol

Truthfully, my life changed. I was a professional woman co-managing over 100 staff members, and being a MoM was The days of me being the last one to finish eating were done. I learned to eat really fast in between those feedings and diaper changes. Being a MoM takes sacrificing and learning to do things differently because you have been entrusted with a valuable, precious blessing, a child. Children are a gift from God. Yet, in order to bless as a parent you have to take special MoMents for yourself. It’s not selfish, it’s wise. You have to be replenished, restored and revived because you are giving on a continual basis. There are some important lessons I’ve learned. As a matter of fact I am still learning. I don’t think you ever stop learning, especially when you are a parent. So I created this page just for us MoMs. I will share some vulnerable and empowering MoMents with you because I want you to know you are never alone and that there are other women out here who get it. Sometimes I will come on here dressed down, because I think it’s a good thing to do. Trust God and always know there are other women who are not afraid to cheer you on. I realize there are some people who are not MoMs who may glean from this information too. Talk soon.

Mom Guilt Be Gone

Every parent is different and so is every parenting style. There are moments when we may look at someone else’s life, marriage, financial status or even parenting style and wonder, “Why can’t that happen for me?” Let me encourage you. Not everyone has walked your path and journey. Neither have they cried your tears or walked in your shoes. The things we experience effect us even when we don’t want them to. So give yourself some grace. Our children belong to God first and so do you. We’ll talk more about this later 🙂

Your Royal Identity

I want you to always remember your identity comes from God. As a matter of fact you are a Designer’s Original and Daughter of God, before you are anything else. Remember, there is only one you for a reason. You are powerful, beautiful and loved. Allow God’s Word to penetrate every area, even the broken spaces. He wants those too. I love how God can use everything for His glory. Believe this. Talk soon.

Hi there MoMs!

Okay, first let me say pardon the sound. I’m had to hold onto my ring light while recording. LOL. Guess, it’s time for a new one. Mostly, I couldn’t wait another Moment to share this with you. I kept feeling like there was something that was missing from the site and this is it. I wanted MoMs to have a place just for them, where they could be encouraged, celebrated and even heard. So, I made this page just for you.

As as an Empowered Mom I have experienced many things. I’ve even seen other MoM’s who have risen from some of the most challenging situations in life. I don’t see them as victims. Instead, I see them as resilient. Many of these women have been in professional fields while finding ways to forge ahead with children. When life happens MoMs need to know it’s okay not to feel okay. Moreover, they need to know it’s okay to run to the Father as a Daughter. Sometimes you have to stop and just see yourself laying your head on Papa’s lap. I love God and I am honored that I get to co-parent with Him as I raise my daughter. She belongs to Him first.

So, in the moments when I am growing and shifting as a Daughter of the Most High God, I have learned to give myself some grace. I mean if the Lord can give us grace, shouldn’t we be able to do the same. We wear so many hats as parents, professionals, wives, solo parents, caregivers, nose wipers, chefs, organizers, referees (for those with multiple kiddos) cat litter cleaners, dog walkers and more. You have to take out time for yourself. Believe me, it’s important. Me, I am enjoying while learning to celebrate every part of this journey of parenting. You can too. Meet me here. I’ll be adding a new video each week, where I may have MoM hair or look more professional. We’ll see how it goes that day… lol.

Also, if you’d like to be part of the newest Coaching with Friends Empowerment Group click the link above. I am a Certified Faith Based Life Coach and I love what I get to do. It’s an honor to serve you and other MoMs with the gifts and wisdom the Father has imparted to me. I don’t take it lightly. It’s time to let God take your empowered identity to another level. Join me next Friday, February 24th at 12noon. I usually hold groups later in the day, but I’m trying something new. Let’s see how it goes. Looking forward to seeing you there via Zoom.

Want a Scholarship or have questions? Email my assistant Khalilah at I’d love to get you in. Spaces are limited so don’t be shy email or sign up today. I’ve got lots to share because when you walk in your empowered identity with the Father and others amazing things can happen.