Coaching is more than a business, it’s a calling and I don’t take it lightly. Why? Because people don’t need another person to judge them when they are down. No one like to be stepped on just because they are in a vulnerable position. Sometimes the Lord is walking with people through their own personal process. They need compassion. They need healing. They need accountability and a non-judgmental community where they will be celebrated and pushed toward a new level of faith and power.

These resources will assist you in your journey. I want you to depend on God and know you are promised victory. Keep on walking by faith.

You matter.

Ever felt like Joseph? God gave you a dream and then things went in a completely different direction. Sometimes the prophecy and process look completely opposite. During those moments when your faith is being tried you have to build yourself up and dismiss every lie this is sent to attack your identity and relationship with God.

This course is created to empower you to built up your faith in God. There are 14 lessons which include written and recorded instruction. I will teach you about the importance of breaking free from isolation which means quarantine (consecration is completely different.) You will also learn to break free from negative self-talk and limitations. It’s time to break free and stand in your empowered identity. Currently running a promo. I’ll be conducting a coaching group session with first group of people who register. All others can be placed on the wait list. If you want to be in the group and already have the course, pay it forward and gift it to someone else. Just let me know and you can still get in the group. It’s a win-win.