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Sometimes you just need someone to help you sort things out. It’s what I love doing. I have been referred to as a Visionary and Strategist. as I can look at a client’s ideas and come up with realistic strategies to help them achieve their goals. One of my greatest rewards is seeing the look on a client’s face who has followed the blueprint and goal tracker. They accomplish things they thought they couldn’t. Or find themselves starting their businesses, going back to school, writing and self-publishing their book or increasing their faith and devotion to the Father.

I’m a coach with a pastoral heart. I believe it makes a difference in how I champion those I am blessed to work with. It’s an honor. So, let me know if I can help. I only work with a few one to ones, but also have a “Coaching with Friends” group, because everyone needs a safe space where they can feel supported, empowered and valued. Let’s chat.

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