“Never let a difficult paragraph, dictate the outcome of your story.”

Get back up every time you fall. Stand up every time you get knocked down. If you can do that, you can always win.

My Story

Yep, it was hard. I mean who wants to find out the man they decided to spend their life with had other plans. I couldn’t believe it; my dream marriage was nothing more than a facade. Without much time to focus or grieve I resorted to fight or flight mode and did the only thing I knew how to do, pray, lean on God, cry and try to figure things out. Truthfully, I found a way to tuck in those feelings. I didn’t want anyone to know. I was embarrassed and isolated. I don’t recommend doing this. We all need someone, especially in the rough moments. I truly believe the enemy of my soul was trying to get me to give up. But God had a greater plan. He was going to break the silence and use my voice and story to empower others to trust God and own their resilience.

Throughout my life I have been challenged to resort to the space of playing it “safe,” hiding and resorting to being hidden in the background. But that’s not easy to do when you have been called by God to do so much more.

I discovered there was something about my voice that God wanted to use for His glory. So, through experiencing childhood sexual trauma to being in relationships that challenged my independence and identity the constant theme continued to be go sit down and shush. But I couldn’t. Don’t you do it either.

I knew I was being called to more and that I had been given a message to the wounded and also a voice to advocate for those who felt they didn’t have the strength to advocate for themselves. I realized every test, trial and affliction could be used to help someone else. After having a powerful encounter with God, I received a radical transformation and became a listening ear to many and voice of hope.

People started asking me to speak for Women Events, trainings and workshops. I additionally, found myself singing at prison ministry. God was using my voice in ways I could have never imagined.

My greatest passion is to see people break free from limitations. There are no limitations with God. However, many don’t know this.

So, as a Creative, Kingdom Advocate, Speaker, Author and Coach, I use the wisdom and strategy I’ve gained from the Word of God, through life experience and various certification and trainings to help others break free from limiting belief and stagnancy, while learning to embrace resilience.

My motto is, “You have to learn to celebrate your now on the way to your next!” and “If you feel you can’t, that’s when you must!” Don’t let anything stop you, it’s time to thrive.

“When you feel like you can’t – you must!”

Yedidah Spann

I’m a public speaker who cares about the audience. I use my voice and story to inspire and break off limitations.

I believe when the one is just as important as the one thousandth. So, whether I am being called to address an audience of one or many something powerful and inspiring will happen for God’s glory. Sometimes tears fall and other times a shift takes place for those who are looking to be rejuvenated and inspired.

I can help you move forward to your next with clarity and precision.

Everyone has something they are really good at. Mine is providing strategies to help people reach their goals faster. As a Kingdom Advocate and faith-bases life coach I am called to help people break free from limiting belief and stagnancy. Noone has time to waste wonder, “What if I would have taken the step?” Life is precious and I like to say, there are people waiting for you to authentically and powerfully show up. I do this by creating a personalized strategy, setting goals and offering transformative coaching.

I’ve worked with moms, entrepreneurs and other valuable women who already had greatness inside of them but needed a little nudge.

Many of my clients are moms who are ready to take their lives to the next level. However, they know they need God, the right choices and practical action steps to start moving forward. One day they realized trying to get to their next on their own was not always the best thing to do and I was honored to off them transformational, faith-filled strategies, high-end accountability and a lot of cheering.

I can write a book that will increase your faith, lead to transformation and wake up the buoyancy of your resilience

I love, love, love to write. Books are powerful as they provide strategies, wisdom, inspiration, motivation, education and more. I am always honored to hear of how my personal journey has caused people to press beyond their limitations to a space of hope, transformation and renewed belief. I believe there is power in vulnerability.