My Story – “Only God could do it.”

Yedidah Spann also know as “Coach Faith” and the Creative CEO is an empowered and resilient mom to a beautifully brave daughter. Miss Spann is a lover of God, author of “Don’t Give Up: Acknowledging the Struggle Celebrating Resilience,” Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, CEO & Founder of FaithWorks Empowered, Course Creator, Book Coach, Podcast host and Writer and Publisher of “Message to the Wounded Music (BMI).

Yedidah, grew up Brooklyn, New York where she lived with older brother and mother who passed in 2005. She started writing poetry and original songs at a very early age. Music allowed her to express herself as she was very quiet and shy.
Yedidah, recalls being bullied for raising her hand in class and answering questions. There was something about her voice that the enemy wanted to silence. She found herself having to fight just to be able to go home after school. Somehow she won every time. She knew God was looking out for her back then.

As time went on she started using her voice more and more and was asked to sing original songs for her Middle School and Junior High School commencement exercise, weddings and conferences.

She believed she was going to be a singer-songwriter and receive an Emmy, but after having a powerful encounter with God, she went from entertainment to ministering in song. She started singing in Rikers Island, Bedford and Valhalla detention centers, nursing homes, Hospital, shelters, restaurants and more. Yedidah was told she wrote songs for movies, but nowNo longer did she write heartbreaking love songs.

She realized God had given her a gift that helped to heal the broken and even sick. One day while singing she saw a man get up out of His wheelchair. Another time she was told a man came to service and stated he couldn’t hear, but said while she was singing his ears opened up. She simply said, “Thank God” because she knew only God’s power could do that and never wanted to take His glory.

Yedidah believes every encounter we face in life can be used to give God. “We all have a process, even the caterpillar goes through a challenging journey before it gains wings.” She is irrationally passionate about sharing a message of hope and using her gifts to help others embrace their faith and God-given identity.

“Our stories have the ability to help others. They want to know if God can help them too.” He can. She believes the world needs to do a better job of embracing the vulnerable and not judging those who have experienced challenges. “Solo moms are the most resilient people I know, yet the world labels them as lazy and sometimes not valuable. That’s a shame and an assumption.” She teaches her friends and clients to learn what God says about them, because that’s what really matters.