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Yedidah Spann

Pursue God, have expectancy and live!

About Yedidah

Let them shower you with confetti, enjoy the moment and laugh like you’ve never been broken because the best it yet to come!

A highly driven woman who was born to break barriers, she proves that when God is for you and you are powered by purpose, you are unstoppable.

She’s built storied life and career brick by brick, fighting fears, failures, and setbacks to go after the success she’s always known was hers to claim. Today she personifies what it means to ascend above adversity while inspiring countless others to do the same.

Her work is a testament to what it means to leave an undeniable mark on the world. She teaches others to use the power of faith, resilience and hope to forge ahead despite adversity. Keep moving forward no matter what, because the best is yet to come.

“Call me and I’ll answer, be at our side in bad times; I’ll rescue you, then throw you a party.” – Psalm 91:15 (MSG)

Don’t give up!

God can love you back to life. I know this firsthand. I wrote this book to share my story of resilience, hope, faith and healing because I wanted to encourage you to keep on going no matter what. If you’ve ever wondered if you were beyond God’s reach the answer is unequivocally “no.” Keep hoping. Keep going.


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You were born to do great things . Don’t let anything stop you!”
Author, Yedidah Spann


Yedidah Spann also, known as “Coach Faith” is a best-selling author, evangelist, speaker, and certified life coach. She provides compassionate, personal, valuable, high-level customized coaching solutions and strategies.


Faith-based, forward-focused, compassionate, personalized, high-end accountability, & tailored coaching. Your growth and success is my passion and calling.


Whether an evangelistic appointment, motivational speaking engagement or book reading of one of her best-sellers get ready for a memorable event.


Inspiration. Motivation. Transformation. Books, courses, messages written to increase faith, empower, and foster forward movement.

Don’t Give Up – Inspiring Audiobook

“No matter where you find yourself in life, there’s always hope.”

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Click the link and schedule your personalized 60-minute one to one strategy session. You won’t have to do this alone. Stop waiting. 🙂 Start planning. Start doing! It’s time. Next!

My E-Books & Courses

I can’t take the credit for making anything. When God gives you a gift use it to encourage, motivate, inspire and help someone else. Shift your mindset, get unstuck, rest in the pause, break limiting beliefs and heal. You were made for more. Ignite your faith! Leap toward your next and live!


“ Never in my wildest dreams did I believe coaching would be the vehicle that would move every aspect of my life in a forward direction. I received encouragement, guidance, correction, wisdom, support, and an amazing space for spiritual and emotional growth. I am stronger, wiser, more faithful, and more determined because I coached with Yedidah Spann.”

Today is a new day!

We all have the ability to focus on yesterday, a bit more than needed. We are constantly reminded of how God tells us to “forget the former things.” Many people have felt stuck in the past, but the past can only stop us if we allow it.
I believe we all need to take intentional moments to ponder with God. We need to take quiet moments to ask Heavenly Father, what needs to be surrendered, changed and pursued. None of us needs to remain in a place called, “stuck.” Neither do we ever need to feel like we are not enough. When God calls us He helps us to accomplish what needs to be done. This means we can hope with expectancy, believing we can’t utterly fail. Even if we fall, we can learn from mistakes and even help others from the wisdom we gain as we gain as we journey through life.
What’s stopping you from writing your book, starting that business or ministry, developing better relationships, loving God, yourself and others better? When was the last time you journaled? When was the last time you made space for you, your dreams and pursued God’s purpose for your life? If you need help in this area let’s talk.

Author Yedidah Spann speaks to the deep wounds in our hearts and encourages us to never give up! Written from the heart of a fighter, Yedidah exposes those painful moments of transformation just before God makes beauty for ashes. – April Amrine

Our Happy Clients!

“Faith” Yedidah has such a sincere desire to encourage uplift and support. She is a blessing.”​ – Carol Gardner

“Trust me when I say read this book. I was blessed to meet Yedidah on a flight back to NYC and this book was a gift that just keeps on giving. She provides you insight into her life but also includes God and the gospel. I was in a rut at the time this book came into my life and it helped me re focus and shift my thoughts.”​ – Amazon Review

“This curriculum has been such a special treat and blessing. I always look forward to Yedidah “Faith” and even this online format feels like a deep discussion with a friend. Thank you so much. I needed this. – Tiffany Settles​