About Yedidah

Hi! I’m Yedidah

I must have written this bio over seven times. Truthfully, I don’t like writing about myself. I always want to point people toward the Lord (Yeshua). I have walked a life of resilience, hope and expectancy. I’ve served in the area of Pastoral Care and as a Clinical Chaplain on the Palliative Care Team in New York City. I’ve served as an Associate Director and right hand to Senior Leadership as an Administrative Coordinator. But out of all of these things my greatest role has been a servant leader. I have been afforded the opportunity to speak at various events and have seen the power of God move in wonderful ways.

God uses imperfect people. He uses our gifts, our stories and our lives to show His mighty power. One thing I can say for sure is, I am concerned about the underdog or those who are ostracized because of vulnerability. I’ve been called a Kingdom Advocate, woman of faith and resilient one. I don’t take this lightly. I have discovered I had to walk through some valleys in order to server from a space of empathy and empowerment. God has allowed me to use the wisdom I gained from my own journey to help others break free from limiting belief, regret, shame and procrastination. If you ever find yourself dealing with disappointment or discouragement keep moving forward anyway.

I love to tell people “it’s easy to judge what you don’t understand.” Some of our stories may seem unbelievable, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t true. You will recover as long as walk by faith and don’t quit.

I write, sing, coach and share a message of hope and faith to help others live courageously regardless of where they are in life. Life is full of chapters. Always remember everything can change as you walk by faith and allow God to turn the page.

Your identity was chosen long before you were in your mother’s womb. God who sees us, loves us and celebrates us as His own. You deserve to live an empowered, thriving life.

I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Psalm 139:14

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